Get Future Ready By Digitalizing Your Entire Value Chain

Accelerate product development, increase flexibility, and multiply productivity while ensuring environmental efficiency.


Health Care – TestOps

Medical and Healthcare Systems, due to the criticality and integrated ecosystem of hardware and software, are complex systems. Medical and Healthcare Systems Testing ensures the products’ software and devices are fully compatible and compliant with various regulations and functionality.

Industry 4.0 – AV Offerings

AI and Autonomous vehicles’ (AVs) impact and benefits are estimated to approach $860 billion per year. Yet barriers to implementation and mass-market like, huge amounts of data from test car fleets, testing and validation of sensors and algorithms is a big challenge.

GAC-Digital is the digital consultancy advocacy arm of GAC, a small group of highly experienced system architects and AI specialists passionate about digitalization solutions in Healthcare, Life Sciences, BFSI, Industrial Automation, and Critical Infrastructure.



Beyond Cloud
Beyond Cloud
Edge Computing For Enterprise IT
Select the right Edge AI and IoT ecosystem for your project with best-in-class edge computing consultants. Make your data more effective by reducing its complexity with customized solutions.
Intelligent Microservices
Intelligent Microservices
Reimagine Microservices
Transform legacy applications by adopting independent microservices architecture. Iterate faster, respond quicker, and scale intelligently.
Beyond Automation
Beyond Automation
Prepare for Autonomous Everything
Establish the right foundation for autonomous systems using a co-development, co-innovation model. Harvest next-gen mobility with end-to-end AI, ML, deep learning-based solution deployment, simulation, testing, & end-to-end integration services.