Who we are

GAC-DIGITAL, The Digital Transformation and Advocacy arm of GAC, is a small group of highly experienced system architects and AI specialists.

Working as partners, they bring a wealth of experience across diverse domains including Healthcare & Life Sciences, BFSI, Industrial Automation, and Critical Infrastructure.

Our investors possess a cumulative experience of 150+ years in technology companies. Their support guarantees that our vision is aligned with the best interests of our clients in the long term.

The leadership of the organization is in safe hands with highly experienced C-level executives. Having been in Advisory and Growth roles, they are prepared to hit the ground running.

Our Philosophy

Mainstream digitalization greatly suffers from two limitations.

  • First, innovation driven value creation is slow.
  • Second, it is difficult to participate in and leverage available business ecosystems.

Operational data generated by any business is a treasure trove of information and offer a huge potential for innovations. But that is easier said than done. The primary impediment is the legacy of data silos. Their presence is often a result of the evolutionary trail the business took, compartmenting both its business processes & operational systems.

With digitalization becoming pervasive, another major opportunity for a business to create considerable new value is to integrate itself into digital ecosystems. The integration possibilities are not just limited to forward or backward but multi-dimensional. But this isn’t always possible with legacy systems.

In summary, value creation from data locked in silos is a non-trivial task.

  • Integrating functional systems with external ecosystems is the new demand. To solve both these challenges, clever use of technology is needed, moving both data and algorithms, as needed.
  • For this, a business should leverage multiple technologies and design systems that can integrate to and from other systems hosted on heterogeneous platforms (e.g. systems hosted on edge, cloud, multi-vendor cloud etc.).
  • These integrations should also be flexible enough to accommodate the changing business needs that are driven by demands both from internal as well as from eco-systems.

At GAC-DIGITAL we believe this is possible – not tomorrow, but today. Our offerings are crafted for making this a reality with ease. If you are interested to know how you can apply this to your business, give us a call today. Our Advocacy team would be happy to engage with you to understand your business goals and provide you with a roadmap & a concrete workplan.