Edge Computing For Enterprise IT

Enterprise 4.0

Extending the Post-Cloud Era with Edge

5G, IoT, Big Data analytics, AI – Tech’s biggest buzzwords are at the heart of hybrid cloud, and now within your reach.

  • Transform your business by connecting devices, systems, objects, and people
  • Harness data to create greater value for your partners, employees, and customers
  • Combine traditional data centres and edge computing to build powerful analytics and machine learning inference capabilities


GAC Digital – Partner of Choice

GAC Digital has industry proven use-cases to drive business growth and revolutionize industrial performance. We’ve made significant investment in the competencies, technologies and resources needed to help you embrace the edge computing revolution.

Key Offerings

Strategy and Technology Consulting on Edge AI and IoT Solutions

  • Customized benchmarks and recommendations provided by best-in-class Edge computing consultants to help you identify the right technologies & platforms, computing capabilities and alliances.

Reduction of Data Complexity

  • Structured approach, frameworks, and accelerators to tame the increasingly complex and unstructured data produced at the edge. From data ingestion to data cleansing, data blending, data discovery, audit, data lineage and implementation, the complete data value chain is taken care of.

Development & Integration Of Customized Solutions

  • Customization of networks, platforms and business applications based either on our own IPs or third-party technologies.
  • Accelerated data analysis with hyper converged infrastructure.
  • Leverage cloud to expand the reach and span of your services. Make them more intelligent.
  • Address issues like IoT latency issues, security, privacy, real-time analysis, and reduced dependence on data centre connectivity.