Industry 4.0 - AV Offerings

Whether you oversee a warehouse, airport, distribution center, office park, or any other facility, automation can help you and your employees get more work done. Artificial Intelligence (AI) propels industries forward through superior productivity.

AI and Autonomous vehicles’ (AVs) impact and benefits are estimated to approach $860 billion per year. Yet barriers to implementation and mass-market like, huge amounts of data from test car fleets, testing and validation of sensors and algorithms is a big challenge.

A fleet of self-driving vehicles generates hundreds of Terabytes of data from its onboard sensor suite (camera, lidar, radar and others). Ingesting, curating and understanding the data is critical to the verification and validation of AV algorithms. Managing this large volume of data involves deep expertise in large scale distributed system architectures, search engine performance optimization and familiarity with AV data and standards.

GAC’s data management and optimization services allow you to:

  • accelerate your AI roadmap with customized solutions to manage your data and processing needs
  • scale-up other parts of your technical requirements including data collection, scenario creation and HD map building

GAC’s experts:

  • can be rapidly deployed to address your data optimization, hybrid cloud integration, integrated analytics and other resource intensive operations.
  • apply an agile, collaborative approach to understand, analyze and iterate data optimization solutions and communicate progress, performance, and technical trade-offs together with your experts

With quantifiable informed conclusions, you benefit from day 1

Data collection

  • Scene based data collection
  • Data annotation

Data Ingestion, Processing and Curation

  • Identification of scenarios from events annotations in the real-world data

Scenario Creation

  • Scale up real world scenario creation (Global)
  • Real world scenario expansion through parameterization (Global)
  • Scenario database creation (e.g., based on pre-crash databases)

HD Maps

  • Scale up HD map building

Additional Services

  • Data Format conversions (e.g., ROS, MDF)


  • Argo, Prefect, Kubernetes, Jupyter, Drill, Tensorflow, Pytorch