New Future

Product Engineering

Services to accelerate the digitalization journey

Classical Enterprise Applications

  • Re-furbish and re-engineer classical applications to move away from closed bounded functional scope to more connected applications compatible with internet scale digital ecosystems.
  • Re-factor and re-engineer data stores to be accessible to outside ecosystems, (from typically closed data stores buried inside applications), via open and standard data interfaces

IoT and Edge Apps

  • Partner with a team possessing capabilities across Edge Computing, Computer Vision, Speech/Voice processing, and Machine/Deep Learning. Benefit from customized use-cases, frameworks and accelerators for your industry.

SaaS and PaaS Services

Harness the most powerful architecture paradigms on the cloud – SaaS and PaaS – coupled with micro-service design methods. Additionally, achieve cloud platform independence, seamless interconnectivity with IoT / Edge apps and inter-op with Services across multiple clouds. Embrace versatility with digital products that span across hybrid (Edge+cloud) and multi-cloud platforms.

Data Engineering & AI, built into PLM


AI leveraged value out of data from the beginning – not as an afterthought


  • Learn Fast
    Joint ideation & quick PoC creation
    » Learn fast, gather feedback and improve fast
  • End to end Agile
    Business ready solution at multiple intermediate increments
    » Go-live decision flexibility in changing priorities
  • Platform based approach
    Reusable microservice design for maximal re-use
    » Gain both development speed and delivery reliability